BURNCO Texas LLC’s Krugerville Plant Achieves TACA STAR Gold Designation for 2018‐19

BURNCO Texas LLC’s Krugerville Plant Achieves TACA STAR Gold Designation for 2018‐19

BURNCO Texas LLC’s Krugerville Concrete Plant achieved certification under TACA’s STAR program at the
Gold level for 2018‐19. This represents the highest level of certification possible under the STAR
program, which evaluates facilities based on the key elements of community engagement,
environmental stewardship and sustainability. Applicants provide information on different aspects of
how a facility interacts and works with its local community – embodying the concepts of Sustainability,
Trustworthiness, Accountability and Responsibility. They are evaluated through a detailed review and
scoring process that allocates points for five specific elements, which include:

• Hosting community events
• Reaching out to the community
• Aesthetics
• Community involvement
• Environmental considerations

“This is a great achievement for the folks at our Krugerville plant who have worked very diligently to be
engaged and involved in the community,” said Paul Rouse, General Manager for Burnco. “This is what
we work to do at every one of our facilities, and we certainly understand the importance of our
communities and how we can improve and strengthen our neighborhoods.”

The STAR program was developed through TACA’s Emerging Leaders Academy, and launched as a way to
objectively quantify the achievements that member company facilities have made in community
engagement. Importantly, it also allows the association to recognize these facilities for their
accomplishment in this critical element of business. “Members work very hard to support the
communities in which they operate,” said David Perkins, TACA President and CEO. “Three of TACA’s
core values are Leadership, Community and Trust, and the STAR program is a valuable way to reflect on
these important elements and recognize outstanding efforts.”

TACA is made up of the people who work hard every single day to provide the foundation that enables
Texas to grow and prosper. TACA represents an industry that employs approximately 100,000 women
and men with an annual economic impact of $8 billion. Our members produce the aggregates, concrete
and cement that pave the roads which move the people and goods across the Lone Star State. And our
products literally build the homes, schools, churches, apartments, offices, airports, hospitals and so
much more – where Texans live, work and play.